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Featured Member: Jennifer McInnes

YourSay member, Jennifer McInnes, got paid more than $3000 for taking online surveys.

Jennifer’s husband can’t understand her interest in taking surveys, but he nods with approval every time vouchers & checks arrive.

Like many, Jennifer was skeptical at first but she gave it a shot anyway. She admitted that she was proved wrong when money started coming in.

Now, she only participates in online surveys conducted by reputable research companies that YourSay works with.

Featured Member: Geoffrey Summer

YourSay member, Geoffrey Summer, got paid $3874 in the last 12 months for taking surveys. In fact, he made over $11000 since he started!

“Sounded like scam” came to Geoffrey’s mind when he first saw get paid surveys, but his curiosity made him try them out. His confidence grew when he received more and more payment over time. Now Geoffrey is enjoying a nice extra income from taking surveys.

Geoffrey is happy that YourSay works with many reputable research companies globally to offer genuine paid surveys for its members worldwide.